Monday, November 05, 2007

Philosophers' Carnival #56: Guy Fawkes

Remember remember the 5th of November... Welcome to the Guy Fawkes themed Philosophers Carnival, since there is nothing more philosophical than a tradition devoted to the remembrance of treason and treachery.

First up to get us started with a bang on the ethical front we have a submission from Thad Guy in cartoon format which aims illuminate the notion that:

"Utilitarianism, n. - An ethical philosophy where one's lack of complete knowledge makes it impossible to ever know if one's actions are moral."

On a similar but different note, Enigman explodes a Tom Thumb at Enigmania by asking Is this Irrational?

Over at Ethics-Etc Saul Smilskey lets off number 4 in a series of skyrockets on moral paradoxes with Some Questions About Moral Paradoxes 4

At Philosophy Etc Richard aims to light a fire under experimental philosophy with Experimental Philosophy I hope the X-Phil chaps don't mind me borrowing the picture, but it seemed apt ;)

To drift into continental philosophy for a moment two salvos are let off. Firstly by Jake Bouma who discussesPostmodern suspicion and Matt Nathanson’s “Heartbreak World” apparently post-modernists believe that all the fireworks are fizzlers. This is followed up by Brian Norwood at Movement of Existence who explodes dualistic accounts of truth in architecture in this post: Language and Architectural Truth

Talking about language we have two entries running around and writing words in the air with sparklers, discussing an issue central to both philosophy of language and modern culture, namely does J K Rowlings assertion mean that Dumbledore is gay? First Scott lets loose at Show-Me the Argument with: Does an author’s declaration a character’s sexuality make?

Then Jon launches back (and gets bonus points for managing to get Hans Solo involved as well) with: Harry Potter and the Ontology of Fiction (Oh, and Han Solo's Here Too)

Moving back to Rationality for a moment Errol Lord lets off a Cracker in the Excluded Middle Maximal Rationality Redux

Tanasije Gjorgoski gets down and dirty planting the skyrockets in the soil at a Brood Comb with this post: Yet Another Quick and Dirty Proof - The World is Understandable

Avery Archer at the Web of Belief lights things up with a Roman Candle also known as: Burge on Perceptual Systems and Veridicality (Part 2)

Andrew Moon sets off a Horsetail in this scintillating display of colour at Show-Me the Argument: Truthmaker is a Goner?

Finally to wind things up (cue 1812) a mortar is set off, quite intentionally at Intentional Objects, raining down: The Inconceivability of the Non-Identity of Indiscernibles
On everyone in the crowd.

Well that's all from this edition of the Philosophers Carnival, remember kids, don't let philosophy go off in your hand, and make sure you only philosophize under adult supervision...

Thanks to those who participated, apologies for any misspellings or leaving anyone out, hope no-one got their fingers burnt.

To submit an entry for the next (somewhat less pyrotechnic) edition of the Philosophers' Carnival go here: Philosopher's Carnival

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