Wednesday, November 07, 2007

3 New Journals

That's right 3 new journals focusing on different areas of bioethics

The first is Public Health Ethics edited by Angus Dawson & Marcel Verweij

Public Health Ethics is the first peer-reviewed international journal to focus on a systematic analysis of the moral problems in public health and preventive medicine. It contains original articles, reviews, and case studies about the nature of public health and related concepts (e.g. population, public, community, prevention); discussions of values in public health; and ethical issues in relation to all aspects of public health policy and practice. This includes normative issues in epidemiological research, health promotion, infectious diseases control, screening, population genetics, resource allocation, health care system reform, vaccinations, environmental and lifestyle factors relevant to health, equity, justice and global health. PHE combines theoretical and practical work from different fields, notably philosophy, law, and politics, but also epidemiology and the medical sciences. Contributors are particularly encouraged to discuss the practical impact of their work on public health policies. PHE is therefore an important resource for scholars and students in bioethics and public health, but also for professionals and policy makers.

The second is Neuroethics edited by Neil Levy
Neuroethics will provide a forum for interdisciplinary studies in neuroethics and related issues in the sciences of the mind. In particular the journal will focus on the ethical issues posed by the new technologies developed via neuroscience (such as psycho-pharmaceuticals and other ways of intervening in the mind), the practice of neuroscience itself (such as the problems posed by incidental findings in imaging work on research subjects), the problems of legal regulation of neuroscientific technologies, and the ways in which the sciences of the mind illuminate traditional moral and philosophical problems, such as the nature of free will and moral responsibility, the problem of self-deception, weakness of the will and the nature of personhood.

And finally Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology edited by Anthony Mark Cutter and Bert Gordijn

Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the ethical and legal issues that arise from emerging technologies. At the intersection of theory and practice the journal combines conceptual analysis and normative deliberations in order to shape academic debates and policy decisions.

Technological advances provide opportunities and challenges that require a policy response. Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology seeks high quality work that explores the synergy between law and ethics and provides a robust response to these opportunities and challenges. More specifically, the journal focuses on technologies that are likely to have a significant impact on the environment, society, and/or humanity.

As always you can get to the home page of each journal from the sidebar, and once they publish an rss feed they will be added to the Motherlode.