Saturday, March 10, 2007

INPAB & INEIRA Resources

As part of this network, and the Resource Allocation Network we have developed this website here:

The site is based on and hosted by the pageflakes personalised home pages but is public. What it contains is a page with the latest table of contents of major ethics journals, another page with the latest table of contents of political theory journals, and of course another page with the table of contents for bioethics journals. There are two further pages, one with the feeds from bioethics and ethics blogs (broadly conceived) and another collating bioethics news feeds. All of these feeds are RSS feeds and as such will automatically update.

While the pageflakes site will be maintained, I have found pageflakes to be rather slow and a bit buggy. As such I have incorporated the above resources into this blog which can be gotten at via the tabs at the top of the blog, or via the Resources label or the links below:

Bioethics Journals Latest Table of Contents

Ethics Journals Latest Table of Contents
Political Theory Journals Latest Table of Contents

Bioethics News feed
Ethics Related Blogs
Flash journal table of contents, news, blogs

The last of these links is to a flash based RSS feeder which incorporates all the feeds on the other pages. However at this stage the feeder is a bit hard to navigate because certain journal publishers (Springer here is looking at you...) put their name, rather than the journal name in the title field of the feed.

On this site are the table of contents for 19 Bioethics Journals, 21 Ethics journals, 13 Political Theory Journals and 9 General Philosophy Journals.

The page flakes site and the rss feeds incorporated into this blog are still very much a work in process in terms of the available journals, and certainly some significant journals are not represented. This is primarily because either their publishers didn't think having an RSS feed for the journal was a good idea, or because I didn't find it. So if you know of any other ethics, bioethics or political theory journals with RSS feeds for their table of contents, or for that matter other ethics/bioethics related blogs or news feeds, please let me know and I will add them. If others are keen on making similar pages for other areas of philosophy, again let me know I would be happy to help.

Hope the site is of some use to you.


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