Monday, July 09, 2007

New Journal: The Journal of Hospital Ethics

The Center for Ethics at Washington Hospital is releasing a new journal specifically aimed at clinicians and the day to day ethical issues involved in medical practice. Full announcement below the fold

The Center for Ethics at Washington Hospital center is proud to announce the release of The Journal of Hospital Ethics (JOHE). As bedside ethics experts in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding metro area, the Center for Ethics develops, promotes, and maintains the highest standards in ethics knowledge. we answer ethically challenging questions raised in a clinical setting and assist health care staff, administration, patients and families n making good medical decisions.

The Journal of hospital Ethics is an innovative and valuable resource for clinicians!

Reserve your copies today! Click this link for subscription information.

Topics to look for in future issues of the Journal of Hospital Ethics:

* Withdraw of care
* Medical Futility
* Do Not Resituate (DNR) and Allow Natural Death (AND)
* Comfort Care/ Palliative care measures
* Maternal/fetal conflicts
* Advance care planning dilemmas
* Informed Refusal/Informed Consent
* Capacity and Psychological Assessment
* Confidentiality/Privacy
* Cultural Competency
* Communication and family meetings
* End of life and the ethics of dying
* Coping with moral distress
* Special issues that highlight areas of clinical practice (e.g. pediatrics/adolescent medicine, cardiology, intensive care medicine, trauma, etc)

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