Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A show with everything but Yul Brynner

Hat tip to Adam Kolber at the excellent Neuroethics and law blog for linking to this astounding story: Organ donor show to go on despite criticism

A Dutch broadcaster will air a show this week in which a terminally ill woman selects a recipient for her kidneys from three contestants, despite government calls for the programme to be scrapped.

The Big Donorshow on Friday during which the 37-year-old woman will choose from three people with kidney problems.

She will make her choice based on the contestants' history, profile and conversations with their families and friends. Viewers will be able to send text messages advising her during the 80-minute show.

Its hard to know what to say about this (except... that's entertainment) since it seems so clearly unethical on so many levels. Firstly there seems to be exploitation in terms of the terminally ill donor, then there are the issues in regards to the possible candidates. One can only hope that unlike big brother this is not duplicated around the world.

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