Saturday, March 03, 2007


This post acknowledges those whose work and coding have contributed to this site appearing as it does and containing what it does.

While I have compiled this site myself I have done so with the effective help of many people whose helpful webpages I have read as I have figured out how to embed rss feeds in the site, and how to make tabs at the top of the page (believe me, its a lot harder than it looks) and how to understand css sheets (I still don't, but I have figured out how to fake it!). Likewise many of the objects that I have embedded in this blog I owe either to the coding of other people of widgets, or the use of services to enable me to achieve what I wanted. So without further ado here is a list of thanks:

Firstly of course thanks to the International Association of Bioethics (IAB) for supporting and publicising our network.

Secondly, thanks to for hosting the mailing list, and doing so without embedding pesky ads. (Freelists)

In regards to the page design this is a rounder page modified to have three columns by Blog Crowds

The tabs however are my own addition, having eventually figured out how to add several people's solutions to similar design problems. In particular thanks has to go to Hocto for his page on how to make tabbed links for your labels (Tabs) and for his general explanations of style sheets. However in the end none of Hocto's code stayed intact, I actually used a program called CSS Tab Designer 2 (Here) and then following what I had puzzled out on my first attempt using Hocto's code convinced the tabs to work.

The RSS feed boxes that are used to display the journal table of contents, news and blog feeds were generated using grazr.

For the picture of my email address I owe inspiration to Richard Chappell of Philosophy et cetera, which I have read for the last few years and execution to hidetext (here).

The feed of the comments I owe inspiration again to Richard, and execution to beautiful beta

The back links I owe to BackLinkr and can be found here.

The expandable comments I owe to Hackosphere

Thanks very much, for everyone's help. If anyone needs help and I can give it, just ask.

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